DPO Consultancy is the specialist in the field of Data Protection and Privacy.

We guide your organization through your Privacy Journey so that all aspects of Data Privacy are safeguarded in your daily business operations. Our Privacy Journey is characterized by supporting your organization in a pragmatic way, whereby Data protection and Privacy become an integral part of your business and you can bring your digital strategy to life without worry.



As part of a privacy assessment or audit, we perform baseline measurements and gap and risk analyses that provide insight into the extent to which you comply with the GDPR. In the role of project manager with a self-developed toolkit, we can advise and assist you with the implementation and assurance of improvement and control measures.

The consultants of DPO Consultancy can also be deployed interim or part-time as your Privacy Officer or Data Protection Officer (FG) | Data Protection Officer (DPO) via DPO-as-a-Service business services.

If your company is located outside the EU, and you process personal data of EU citizens without having a branch in the EU, you can use our Data Protection Representative (DPR) service.



We provide various courses from our academy. The curriculum builds on a solid theoretical basis, supplemented with practical experience. Our professional experience enables us to combine theory and practice and to convey this to you in a pleasant and clear manner, so that you can immediately apply the knowledge gained.

Our offer varies from basic training to further deepening in privacy legislation and data protection.

In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions, whereby we think along with you about the composition of the curriculum, aligned with legislation and regulations within your sector.


How can we be of service to you and your organization?