DPO Consultancy

Would you like to become GDPR-proof? Management consulting firm DPO Consultancy is the one-stop shop for all your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) questions. Our experienced privacy consultants provide guidance for gaining competitive advantage within the framework of privacy legislation and regulations. We advise and help to organise so that you and your employees have to worry less about privacy, compliancy and data protection issues. With the support from our advisers your employees can then concentrate on their actual tasks and responsibilities.


Our solutions

As part of a privacy assessment or audit we carry out baseline measurements and gap and risk analyses, which provide a very clear insight into what extent you comply with the GDPR. In the role of project manager with a proprietary toolkit we can advise and guide you with the implementation and safeguarding of improvement and control measures.

The advisers of DPO Consultancy can also be deployed ad interim or part-time as your Privacy Officer or Data Protection Officer (DPO) via the corporate solution DPO-as-a-Service.

When your company is located outside the EU, and you process personal data of EU-citizens without an establishment in the EU, you can use our Data Protection Representative (DPR) service.


Our courses

We provide various courses from the academy of our consulting agency. The teaching programme is built on a solid theoretical basis, supplemented with practical experience. The teachers of DPO Consultancy are able to combine theory and practice from their professional experience and communicate them to you in a pleasant and clear way, so that you can immediately put the obtained knowledge into practice.

Our offer varies from a basic training to more in-depth course about privacy legislation and data protection.

Furthermore, we offer tailor-made solutions, where we work with you regarding the structure of the curriculum, specifically tailored to the laws and regulations within your sector.


Our partners

Our unique proposition has now led to a number of strong partnerships with leading parties. DPO Consultancy is the preferred supplier for the affiliated companies of its partners.

In the cooperation we deliver a high quality total package in the field of privacy and data protection.

Moreover, we develop training programmes, content and solutions for and with our partners.


How can we support you and your organisation?