Essentials Data Protection Officer




This five-day course is intended for future Data Protection Officers.


Participation is open to those who have attended the two-day Data Privacy & Protection (Foundation) course.


At the end of this training the participant has the basic knowledge and skills to perform the function of Data Protection Officer (DPO). Among other things, the participant is capable of: support the DPO in the performance of their work, including: advising on the design and implementation of privacy governance, advising on and assessing the privacy policy, making a monitoring plan, monitor and justify this and report on it, assess the legitimacy of processing, supervise and assess DPIAs and collaborate with external and other internal controllers. After this training the participant can therefore start as an independent DPO.

  • Day 1: Privacy governance, external and internal control, and position, role, tasks and skills of the DPO.
  • Day 2: Supervision plan, awareness and culture, ePrivacy, and sectoral legislation and regulations.
  • Day 3: Information security, Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default, calamities and external crisis communication.
  • Day 4: (Data) Privacy Impact Assessments, privacy on the shop floor, and relationship with processors.
  • Day 5: New digital developments, international data traffic, accountability and reporting and cases.
  • A balanced relationship between theory and practice.
  • A practical training, characterized by a high degree of interactivity, including by practicing and discussing cases in group settings.
  • An adequate digital learning environment with all course material and (in-depth) literature.
  • The course is composed by experienced privacy experts, (privacy) lawyers, ICT professionals, risk managers, business managers and educational experts. The lecturers are also ‘hands on’ in day-to-day work, such as Data Protection Officers, (Chief) Privacy Officers and senior privacy counsel at management and executive level within various branches of the business community (ranging from SMEs to multinationals), industry organizations, governments and semi-public institutions.
  • The program also forms the preceding module of the yet to be trained Certified Data Protection Officer course. As is well known, there is not yet a body appointed or approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority that certifies DPO training courses. There are therefore no officially certified DPOs. Of course we are on top of developments in this respect, and as soon as an ‘official’ certified DPO training can be offered and the certification requirements are known, we will get to work.

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