Permanent GDPR education through e-learning


The perfect way to raise awareness

Do your employees know enough about GDPR? Are they responsible about the way they handle privacy-sensitive information? Important questions to consider, because your employees are the most important factors for the protection of personal data and the prevention of data leaks! With periodic training, you can establish permanent risk awareness and lasting safe behavior. Our modular e-learning program – focused on learning, training and behavioral change – will help make your employees aware of the sensitivity of (personal) data, based on familiar situations and intuitive questions. This is a high quality and efficient way to meet the requirement of permanent education with respect to privacy and data protection according to the GDPR. Furthermore, e-learning contributes significantly to continuous accountability.

  • One solution for all levels within your organization
  • Clear explanation with video animations
  • Always up-to-date study materials
  • Education on every device, in every location and at every time
  • Increased resilience in all your employees

Three levels of awareness

This e-learning program is modular and has three levels: Awareness, Intermediate and Advanced. Together, these modules offer a total solution for all the necessary education levels within your organization. Of course, we also offer customization for specific sector or organization themes. In principle, the modules are offered in English, but it is possible to have them translated into other languages.

1. Awareness

During this module, we will work on your awareness and behavior with respect to privacy, personal data and information security. You will learn to consider safety and awareness while handling confidential information. For everyone in your organization.

  • What is personal data?
  • What is it used for?
  • How long can it be stored?
  • What is a data leak and how do you prevent data leaks?
  • What does privacy mean in your daily work?

2. Intermediate

In module 2, you will learn to apply the principles of the GDPR in the processes of your organization. You will learn to identify weaknesses and find your way in the dense forest of laws and regulations. For everyone who processes personal data.

  • What are personal data and principles?
  • Which types of processing are there?
  • Data minimization and storage periods
  • Personal data protection
  • Preventing and restoring data leaks

3. Advanced

In the module Advanced you will work on your knowledge and skills to identify risks. You will learn how to take measures to mitigate risks, and comply with the rules. For everyone with a direct data privacy responsibility, such as the Data Protection Officer.

  • Privacy principles
  • Special personal data
  • What is Privacy by Design?
  • Evaluating and reporting data leaks
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment

Would you like to try?

Are you curious what our e-learning program can do for your organization? You can simply try it out! Request a demo environment and discover the different modules and subjects. Seeing is believing!

It could not be simpler

E-learning is the most easy and fun way to comply with the training obligations of the GDPR. Available anytime and anywhere, on every device. This way, you can simply guarantee permanent, measurable education. And as a result, employees who are aware of the privacy risks and act accordingly.


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Practical development

After the company-wide implementation of the GDPR, Volker Wessels – one of the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands – wanted to provide 9,000 employees with training related to privacy and data protection. Together with DPO Consultancy, the company developed a unique e-learning program, in order to train various groups of employees and offer the basis for permanent education.

Mirjam de Vaal, Division Privacy Officer at Volker Wessels: “Development of function specific knowledge and awareness is always a challenge if you have a lot of employees. DPO Consultancy has been exceptionally successful at finding a solution, which is why we decided to co-invest in the development of a GDPR e-learning program that is suitable for all kinds of organizations, small and big. We can see that this type of permanent education results in increased awareness, which leads to a wall of compliance.”

Would you like to know more?

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