A DPR of DPO Consultancy



Companies that are not physically established in the EU, but do business with or process data from persons from the EU, are required by the GDPR to designate a Data Protection Representative (DPR) in the EU. Of course, the Data Protection Offers of DPO Consultancy can be used as DPR.

According to the GDPR, the DPR has a number of statutory tasks. Accordingly, a DPR of DPO Consultancy fulfills the following tasks:

  • Contact person: As your DPR in the EU, we are your contact for your customers (“data subjects”) in all European countries for all privacy-related questions
  • Representation: We are legally designated to represent you as “controller” for the national data protection supervisors in the EU
  • Record of Processing Activities: We set up and maintain a Record of Processing Activities, together with you. When this is requested, we make this available to the supervisors

Apart from these statutory tasks, a DPR can of course also fulfill other tasks in the area of the GDPR. From our experience with international customers, we are happy to think along with you about how you can use meticulous data protection as a competitive advantage.

A DPR of DPO Consultancy ensures that you:
  • fulfill the legal requirements of Article 27 of the GDPR, without having to be physically present in the EU
  • have experts at your disposal with a very thorough knowledge of the GDPR
  • have access to a network of highly experienced privacy professionals with expertise in various fields, including legal and IT
  • have use of a network of consultants with a very broad experience in implementing the GDPR
  • can guarantee independence

  • can gain competitive advantage from careful data protection

  • work cost-efficiently, through fixed competitive annual fees


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