What does a DPO do?




The tasks of the DPO include advising and training employees in the field of data protection and performing baseline measurements and internal audits. The DPO also acts as a contact person for the supervisory authority. On request, he can provide an overview or a substantive register of relevant processes in case of any inspection. The DPO is also the contact person when there is a complaint or question from a person whose data you keep or process. That way we form a buffer between you and third parties.


The DPO has an independent position. He assesses, among other things, the safety measures taken. He also ensures compliance with the various laws that relate to data processing. The specialist field of the DPO unites the focus areas of legislation and regulation, information management, project management and compliance. You can view the DPO as the go-to person to guide an organisation in these areas. He converts developments in these areas of interest into a competitive advantage.

  • Informing and advising the employees involved regarding the obligations of the GDPR and other data protection provisions;
  • Monitoring the compliance with the GDPR, other data protection provisions and the policy of the organisation. The DPO can assign responsibilities and ensure awareness and help facilitate the training of the employees involved;
  • Providing advice on the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and supervising its implementation;
  • Collaborate with the supervisory authority (Dutch Data Protection Authority);
  • Act as a contact point for data subjects and the supervisory authority.

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