White paper: Five crucial steps towards a GDPR proof clinical trial


White paper: Five crucial steps towards a GDPR proof clinical trial

Many life sciences organizations struggle with organizing GDPR proof clinical trials. The GDPR has unfortunately developed a very negative image for hindering organizations from doing their business. This white paper aims to show how to interpret and apply the GDPR in such a proper and efficient way, that it may benefit your organization. Helping you to start your journey to GDPR compliance in five crucial steps:

  • Determine your role in the data processing.
  • Assess what personal data you process and how you protect it.
  • Determine the purpose of data processing within clinical trials.
  • Assess what lawful processing grounds apply to the clinical trial.
  • Perform a DPIA on high-risk processing activities.

About the author

Dounia has been working for DPO Consultancy as a privacy consultant for several years, fulfilling many roles, such as that of Data Protection Officer and Privacy Officer, but also as a teacher at the DPO Consultancy Academy. She advises large listed companies as well as smaller organizations in various branches, including the life sciences industry. Additionally, she graduated with distinction at Tilburg University where she followed the master Law and Technology, of which data privacy was a substantial part, this has resulted in an ideal combination between applying data privacy in theory and practice.

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